LOT80 EP Showcase “Latebloomer”

Last night new Artist Lot80 hosted their first EP showcase, “Latebloomer” at Apache Café.  The event was hosted by FLY Publicity and sponsored by Vitamin Water.

Yanick and Miche performed a medley of their songs off of their EP including their featured single “Late Bloomer”, “Hood of Ya Car”, and “Broken Girl”. These ladies serenaded the crowd with their beautiful voices over a dope live band, while getting intimate with the crowd, explaining how the title “Late Bloomer” came to be. They gave props to two of our fallen angels Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, and Aaliyah before doing a special cover of Jay Z’s “A Star is Born”.

The guest left with yummy cupcakes and a goody bag that included a copy of their new EP.  These ladies are definitely driven and with hard work come success. That is the direction that they are headed! Check out their website LOT80WORLD.COM, and make sure you follow them on twitter @LOT80!!

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