Verse Simmonds, Terri Vaughn, & Chef Jason Ellis Honored @ Miller Coors T.A.P. Awards

All of Atlanta’s socialites and key influencers attended the MillerCoors T.A.P. Awards, hosted by Ramona Debreaux (Radio Personality, V-103) and Dennis “Ale Sharpton” Byron Jr. (Beer Connoisseur Magazine), to support award recipients Terri Vaughn (actress), R&B crooner Verse Simmonds and many more on Thursday, October 27th.

Over 400 attendees had a chance to participate in the signature MillerCoors “EveryDay

2011’s distinguished T.A.P. Award Honorees included:

1. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Platinum Seller of the Year- AG Entertainment
2. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Sports Bar of the Year – Dugan’s
3. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Restaurant/Lounge of the Year – Do Restaurant
4. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Co-Promoter of the Year – Botchey & Certified Ent
5. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Co-Promoter of the Year – Traxx Girls
6. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – For Raising the Bar – The Four Corner Circle, LLC
7. MillerCoors T.A.P Award – Premium Infuencer of the Year – Terri J. Vaughn (actress)
8. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award – Sound of the City –  Verse Simmonds (Konvict/ Universal)
9. MillerCoors T.A.P. Award – Business Visionary of the Year – Chef Jason Ellis

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