The Eric Mills Foundation makes it a A Special Thanksgiving

The Eric Mills Foundation (Non-Profit Organization) recently decided to “Adopt a family” for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A family of 8 was selected in the Decatur, GA area this year. The Executive Director (Mr. Eric Mills) and his staff arrived at the family’s house Tuesday before Thanksgiving and watched their faces sparkle with smiles and tears as they provided them with a basket of food. This is the joy that organization has set out to bring to those in need.

As we prepare our very own meals and wrap gifts for loved ones; let’s not forget that the Holiday Season is about those that are less fortunate and it is the mission of the organization to see to it that those family’s are found and supported.

The Eric Mills Foundation put together a Basket of Food to help feed the family for Thanksgiving and will provide gifts for Christmas to the family as apart of the adopt a family program. This is something that the organization will like to continue each year and with the help of donations and gifts, it will make it more likely to succeed.

If you will like to be a blessing to a family in need or know a family that can use some extra support please feel free to contact the Eric Mills Foundation @ 800-768-6080 or visit them online at www.EricMillsFoundation.Org

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